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Our Story
GSL Solutions is Formed
GSL started with an ambitious goal; to make an impact on the world by using our experiences to help others. We believe in the power of innovation, harnessing ideas and bringing them to life with technology. There's certainly more to the story but honestly that's the seed that began the journey.
GSL Becomes The #1 Web Provider on Capitol Hill
Many organizations and people are averse to change. The fact that GSL has been an integral part of helping the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives offices use the web to communicate with constituents shows what we can do.
Many GSLers Started Families
GSL is a family. As with most families, GSL started out small with a few founders. We grew slowly but over the years, we added staff and they added children. Our families have expanded rapidly. Some of our kids are still toddlers, but one day soon some of them will be working here as interns. Unpaid interns.
Sent Our Kids To Schools
(Recognized That Schools Need Help With Online Communications)
When our kids started approaching school age we went online to find information about our kids' schools and teachers. Having built great communication systems for so many years, we realized this was an area we could help make a difference; we decided to jump in, roll up our sleeves and help.
The Digital Bell Is Created
GSL decided that if we can help millions of constituents communicate better with their representatives, then we could help our kids' schools communicate better with their stakeholders. We built a board of former Superintendents and other school district administrators. Together we have formed a team that intends to transform how schools and families communicate.