What’s the best way to tell the world that your school is full of champions? If you are Blountstown Middle School (http://www.blountstownmiddle.org/), this is the time that you take to the web to get the word out. Recently Blountstown Middle School's boys' and girls' basketball, football, and volleyball teams all became Panhandle Conference champions.

As you can well imagine, there is a great deal of pride at the middle school because of their students' athletic accomplishments. They want to show to let everyone know what a stunning accomplishment this is. Blountstown Middle School has selected The Digital Bell (powered by GSL Solutions) to power their website. This made it easy for them to quickly create four separate posts to celebrate each sport’s accomplishment. Images were then added to each post and displayed on the website’s home page. This was simple to do, but the results speak for themselves! Way to go Blountstown Middle school athletes!