Let’s play a game. If a congresswoman wanted to pay a visit to one of your schools, just exactly how would she go about setting up this appointment?

In the old days, someone from her team would make a call to the school, trying to get ahold of the principal. If they were able to connect, then they’d discuss dates and times and then the congresswoman’s staffer would have to write the date down and make sure that it got on her calendar.

With a little luck the principal would have written down the same date and would have added it to the school’s calendar. There are a lot different things that you have to hope go correctly to get this set up.

A much better way to go about doing this is for your school to start to use The Digital Bell school website system. Over at the Blountstown Elementary school, (http://www.blountstownelementary.org/) this is exactlty what happened.

Congresswoman Graham’s team went to the school’s website and filled out the request for more information form. They clearly identified the date and the time that the congresswoman wanted to visit the school. The school staff were then able to see the request, confirm that the requested time slot would work, and get back to the congresswoman’s staff with a confirmation. Now that’s the way to schedule a school visit!