Does your school have a Twitter account? Do you tweet? More and more, schools are using this fast growing social network to quickly communicate with both parents and guardians. However, there is a problem with all of this goes away too quickly. When someone is following a lot of people on Twitter, your tweets can get lost in the feed your parents are getting every day.

What you need is a way for your tweets to get a second life. One way to do this is to merge your Twitter activities with what is going on on your school’s website. If your school has elected to use The Digital Bell school website system, then you are in luck. The Digital Bell provides full integration with Twitter. The tweets that you send can be displayed on your website in real-time. This is a feature that Bayshore Elementary school ( has taken to heart. Every one of their tweets now also shows up on their school’s website home page. Additionally, when they are creating a news item, they can select to post it on Twitter at the same time that they post it on their website. Yes, Twitter may one day rule the world, but your school’s website will be there to help it along!