One of the biggest questions that any school or PTA is always asking is: “Where did the money go?” If a school has selected to use The Digital Bell as their school website solution, then they have the ability to securely accept payments via their website. The GSL Solutions support team got a call from a The Digital Bell customer the other day who had been happily using Paypal to take payments from parents; however, their treasurer was leaving and she was taking her Paypal account with her. The school wanted to know if they could have the money that came in via the website deposited directly into the school’s checking account.

The GSL Solutions support team was able to report that yes, this was possible. The steps were pretty straightforward - some paperwork had to be completed and a financial background check had to be conducted. We got this taken care of for them and later on we got a note from their new treasurer who wanted to say thanks -- transferring money from Paypal all the time had been no fun!