I’ve got a quick question for you: what is the most important meal of the day? If you said “breakfast” then you are correct. If you are a child attending school, then the second most important meal from your point of view is lunch! Does your school provide both of these meals to your students? If you do, then how do you go about planning your meals and telling parents what is going to be served on what days?

GSL Solution’s The Digital Bell school website system has a built-in school breakfast / lunch scheduling program. This unique application allows school district staff to create a catalog of foods that they will be serving at their schools. Each item in this catalog has a tracking number so that you know exactly how to go about ordering it from your food supplier.When it comes time to build your monthly school lunch schedule, all you have to do is to select foods from your catalog and assign them a date to be served. We’ll even keep track of what you’re offering and make sure that it meets the district and federal guidelines!