How much money does your school raise every school year? I would suspect that if you checked, you might be surprised at just how much money comes into the school each year. There are candy sales, school gear sales, PTA memberships, etc. In the state of Florida, over $190 million dollars flows into schools each and every year. Now for the big question:  how does that money come in?

If your school is like most schools, then the money comes in as nickels, dimes, and dollar bills.  As all of this money comes it, it needs to find its way to the right person who has access to the school’s checking account who then has to go to the bank over and over again to make a deposit. There has to be a better way! It turns out that there is -- use GSL Solution’s The Digital Bell school website system.

If your school uses The Digital Bell school website system, then you have access to a built-in money collection system. All that your school has to do is to complete some paperwork to set up a payment processing gateway and then you’ll be able to process both credit and debit cards online. The money that comes in will be deposited directly into your school’s checking account no matter what bank you do business with. Yes, it really can be that easy to collect money at your school!