Not all news is the same. Some news is more important than other news. You can pick the event that is occurring at your school: the 5th grade banquet, the middle school dance, or the high school homecoming week events. There are a lot of different stories that may be posted to your school’s website talking about what is going on. However, some of these stories are more important than others and you’d really like to make sure that people can see them. What can be done to make this happen?

If your school has selected The Digital Bell school website system, then you are in luck! The Digital Bell comes with a feature called Feature Groups that allows you to see the forest for the trees. If you have a bunch of news items that all have the same type ("Homecoming"), you can pick and choose a subset of these news items and pull them into their very own feature group "Homecoming Dance".

Once you’ve done this, you can then add an image gallery-style Post Browser anywhere on your website and just those important news stories will be displayed. You’ll still be able to get to all of the other stories, but this way you can help your website visitors focus on what’s really important.